Our research engineers in micromechanics Jacques PERNOT and Hubert EUVRARD have over 40-year experience each in production and R&D in the field of dentistry. They both have reached the age of retirement but they are still creative, energetic, and well respected experts in the dental industry, including internationally. Those dynamic seniors had figured the NEOLIX project out as an opportunity to continue expressing their passion for technology and innovation. They founded NEOLIX SAS Company in May 2009 together with Xavier ROLLAND, Ph. D in Biology, their former colleague and friend who had a long business experience in the medical sector.

The project was first hosted in the Technopolis in Laval, France, in the aim to receive some assistance for creating a new company, in particular via the so-called “Idenergie” training program, the local start-ups accelerator. They founded NEOLIX SAS Company in May 2009 in Laval, France, after two years spent in the start-up incubator. This period allowed assessing the project technical and financial feasibility and convincing investors to come on board and support the company. Quickly, the company then moved to Evron, in the nearby countryside, to install its production facility and research office. The team then spent several years developing and stabilizing their innovative and worldwide-unique manufacturing process based on the electric discharge machining. Finally, in January 2014, the company launched Neoniti, their first product range designed with the particular help of Professor Jean-Marie Vulcain at the university hospital in Rennes, France. Neoniti has been immediately well accepted by many dentists in France and other countries. Other innovative products are in the company pipe-line. The company founders use to summarize with humor their company project as follows: « We copy the ideas that the others have not had! ».