Tremendously innovative endodontic files offering really amazing advantages

Neolix is a young French industrial company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative dental instruments, starting with Neoniti, a complete and innovative range of nickel-titanium rotary files for root canal treatment performed in continuous rotation.

Our worldwide unique Electric Discharge Machining (EDM) process allows to manufacture a file combining tremendous flexibility with a hard and abrasive surface, bringing several advantages to the practitioner, such as high resistance to fracture, anti-screwing effect, possible pre-curving to negotiate a difficult access or a ledge, high cutting efficiency, respect of the canal anatomy (no transportation, no ledging), …

Thanks to their combination of unique properties, Neoniti files are intended for endodontic treatment or retreatment of easy or difficult canals (thin, curved, calcified) performed in continuous rotation with one single shaping file in most of cases, providing a new feeling in endodontics.

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