New EDMax range

After the successful launch in 2014 of Neoniti files manufactured by EDM, well known for their outstanding fatigue resistance, Neolix is reaching new heights with EDMax files also manufactured by EDM and that display the same features and advantages of flexibility, fatigue resistance and respect of canal anatomy, but offer a better cutting efficiency and a more comprehensive identification.

EDMax stands for Max Efficiency, Max Safety, Max Respect, Max your Endo !

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Neolix Electroérosion

What is EDM?

We have developed a worldwide exclusive manufacturing process using Electric Discharge Machining (EDM), whereby Nickel-Titanium wire is shaped by using electrical discharges.

EDM provides greater safety, flexibility and strength to our files resulting in an unmatched combination of advantages: cyclic fatigue resistance, cutting efficiency and respect of the root canal anatomy.

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Neolix Electroérosion