Neolix SAS is a French start-up company, which designs, manufactures and markets innovative dental instruments, such as endodontic instruments.

Neolix was founded in 2009 has patented 9 inventions and has received a few national awards for its innovative activity.

Neolix in particular has developed and patented a new manufacturing process unique in the world, using wire-cut Electric Discharge Machining (or wire-EDM). This new process is free of oil, of organic solvents and of strong detergents; hence it better preserves the environment and the operators. This technology offers an almost total freedom to develop various designs because of the lack of interface between the workpiece and the machining tool. This new process therefore allows creating new instruments, which are inaccessible to the other manufacturing processes. For example, the endodontic blade uniquely can display a variable changing profile, a much greater flexibility, and an abrasive and harder surface, hence offering new feeling in endodontics.